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AU review of Happy Christmas Valentine

Paula Flynn - Happy Christmas Valentine

You may not know the name but you’ll recognise the voice. It was Paula Flynn’s ethereal rendition of ‘Let’s Dance’ that famously helped Ballygowan sell bottled water. However, Flynn is more than just a voice for hire and, having previously worked with the likes of Jinx Lennon, the Forkhill native is now concentrating on solo material, of which ‘Happy Christmas Valentine’ is the first release. In these cynical times it would be easy to guffaw at the coyly sentimental tone of this song, but Flynn’s voice adds a heart pricking sense of melancholy that arrests any suggestion of seasonal schmaltz. The arrangement is crystalline clear, the piano notes cascading feather light, the little touches of guitar and keys crunching like snow underfoot. It is, quite simply, a lovely pop song. Francis Jones

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