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Tales from the Dark Side - mixing in Westland

Right at the end of July Greg, Marc and myself locked ourselves away in Westland Studios to mix the album.   It's like stepping back in time, loads of vintage equipment and a huge live room with a grand piano - which ended up on Five A Day - and a proper honest to goodness Hammond that sounds like an airplane about to take off when its not being played - which ended up on Lovebirds.   There's no natural light so it's very easy to completely lose track of time and we certainly did that.   We clocked up one mammoth 23 hour straight through session which nearly killed poor Marc who was actually pushing the faders but we made it in the end.   We took a few pictures along the way to give you a flavour of what it was like -

Marc at the SSL desk in Westland

Marc at the controls behind Westland's huge old SSL console

Banks of faders

Honestly, I can tell the difference between all these.

Westland's antique Lexicon reverb

Westland's vintage Lexicon reverb. Don't worry - it wasn't let anywhere near my vocals!!!    You can hear it though on Greg's guitar on 'Wallpaper's Peeling'

Marc with yet another Hammond

Marc putting some extra Hammond organ on 'Lovebirds' at about seven in the morning.   If you look closely enough you'll probably find his eyes are being kept open with matches.

You try focussing after 23 hours!

After 23 straight hours behind a mixing desk this photo is probably pretty close to how Greg's head felt!

We got there in the end and after a couple of days listening we went off to Fergal Davis to have it mastered.   So it's getting closer all the time.   Keep watching for details of the release and check out the gigs page to see if we're coming somewhere near you.

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