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Miss Paula Flynn has a new show on radio!!!

Hello all,
I have a brand new show on RTE's digital station 2XM and I am excited.
Its called 'The C Word' and is an hour long show on Monday evenings at 10pm (Irish time) and repeated on Wednesdays at noon.

I play some alt/country, some bluegrass, some folk, some blues, some roots and some gospel and even a bit of spoken word and a bit of preaching too.
Its got a a down home feel about it and each week I talk to an artist about their views on this kind of music.
Greg McAteer also makes a weekly appearance where he talks briefly about songs that shaped the sound of country music.

Its a bit of fun and I hope you take a listen and feel free to tell me what you think.

You can listen online here  by clicking on the 'listen live' button near the top of the page
Requests can be made through the contact page of my website here.

Best Wishes,
Miss P x

Here's one we made earlier . . .

I just found this video of Greg and myself playing 'Holiday in Sweden' at the Ruby Sessions in early September, shot by Phil Lee's tour manager Rob Ellen.   It's very dark and Greg forgot his hat so mostly you get to see the ghostly glow of the lights on that bald scalp.   Sounds good though, which is the main thing.

IMTV Video Awards 2009

The beautiful video for Holiday In Sweden directed and shot by Chris Fite-Wassilak has been nominated in the 'Best Solo Female' category of the IMTV Irish Music Video Awards which are being held in Dublin's Sugar Club on November 27th.   The other nominees are Lisa Hannigan, Julie Feeney, Wallis Bird and Gemma Hayes so I'm in pretty good company.   You can see the nominees in all the different categories here

If you can't remember what it looks like or if you simply want to look at it again why don't you go over to the video page now.

Review on the 2 U I Bestow blog

Peter Nagle, who runs the 2 U I Bestow blog has just reviewed the album, giving it a perfect 12 out of 12, obviously I'm delighted with that - not least because Peter is passionate about his acoustic music and hears pretty much every new Irish record to be released.   You can read what he has to say at:


You should stay a while and check out the rest of his blog while you're there, it's full of good music.

2UIBestow Sessions - Little Miss Forkhill

Peter Nagle, who runs the 2UIBestow sessions in Boyle's in Slane once a month shot this little bit of video when  we played there last week.   It's pretty noisy - it was late, people had had a few - but if you can filter that out there's a pretty good version of Little Miss Forkhill going on.   Someone else filmed Magic earlier in the evening.   if I can get my hands on a copy of that I'll put it up too!

The Session Suite - WDAR - Tuesday 6th October - 2.30P.M.

I'll be appearing on the Session Suite, West Dublin Access Radio's live in the studio slot, at 2.30P.M.   You can listen live on 96FM if you're within their broadcast area and if not you can not only listen online at http://www.wdar.ie you can also watch what's going on in the studio.

The Thatch, Rahan - tonight

After two full band shows yesterday it's back to myself and Greg playing a two-hander in the Thatch in Rahan Co. Offaly tonight, playing the songs just the way they were written.   It'll be intimate and hopefully a little special.

The 2UIBestow sessions last night in Slane was organised mayhem.   With five acts on the bill I've never seen so many guitars on the one stage.   Johnny Murphy from Wexford had some good songs and Stephen James Smith, who I've seen many times now, delivered the best set of his poems I've seen.    He seemed more relaxed this time and the poems flowed out.   Anyone who can keep a pub crowd quiet with poetry must be doing something right.   We finished the night and songs like Five A Day and Goldfish at the Fair which we encored with were as pumped up and boiling as we've ever played them.   Thanks again to Peter Nagle and Andrew for inviting us along.

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