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Drop-d review

An oldie but a goldie this, i came across it today, hadn't been aware of it before even though it first appeared on Drop-d back in late October.

Miss Paula Flynn

Posted on October 29, 2009 by Aoibheann Maguire

Women have certainly triumphed, in the music business, in 2009. And while I adore, the fact, that my gender finally has the fortitude to write brilliant pop songs, about crap lovers, and turn the art of writing  bitter love-songs into an even playing-field, alá Florence Welsh and La Roux. As the year draws to a close, showing your tender side could easily prove to be an even braver force to be reckoned with.

Miss Paula Flynn

Miss Paula Flynn

Miss Paula Flynn has tiptoed into the spotlight, in late 2009, with the release of her first solo album. An album, regardless of some of the dark underlying themes of the songs, that is brimming with elegance and romance.  Proving the theory that you don’t need to scream and shout to get your message across. Fans of punk poet Jinx Lennon will be familiar with Miss Paula Flynn’s stunning voice (she regularly features on his work).

She has a voice, which is so stupendously soft and sweet, that many people who have heard this, Armagh, woman sing have urged her to make an album of her own. The result of this persistent persuasion, by members of the public, is a lengthy collection of songs, 17 in total, on her captivating self-titled debut.

There is clearly an alt-country tag that could, casually, be used to describe this album, but in doing so it grasses over the soulfulness of the songs, which could easily be read aloud as poems.  Boxed In, for example, is a spoken word piece that awakens the listener, not only because of the change in style, but because of the uncomfortable truth, of the reality, of getting boxed into an unhappy existence.

It’s not all pink elephants though! If anything, this album has a definite pop sensibility with radio friendly hits such as: Goldfish At The Fair/Magic/ Ghost in My Car. When Miss Paula Flynn is not covering existential themes this lady’s voice has a grace that delivers much to mere woh-ohs and ahhs. If this album is heard by the “right” people Miss Paula Flynn could certainly carve a career for herself stateside, or perhaps,  fittingly, soundtrack movies in the same way Aimee Mann’s music  has been very useful to directors in moving a story along. The songs really are that poignant, but more importantly for us – they’re addictive

Drop-d Rating: 9.5/10

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If you've been following what I'm up to you'll know that I've been making a weekly radio programme called the 'C' Word which goes out every Monday evening at 10.00P.M. (GMT) on RTE's 2XM digital station.   I've meant to put some more information up online about it but the time over Christmas gave me the chance to make a blog for the show where I'll be putting up the playlists from each show and a little bit about my guests.   You can check it out over at http://thecwordwithmisspaulaflynn.wordpress.com

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